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30/01/2015 Spanish airline lets customers tap to add contactless card to app
28/01/2015 “Phoning In” Smart phones using NFC can replace cards
26/01/2015 Taiwanese banks to use Wave NFC dongle
23/01/2015 Juniper forecasts biometric authentication market
23/01/2015 US retailers not ready for EMV
22/01/2015 Evaluating NFC security strategies webinar: See it now on NFC World+
22/01/2015 ICICI Bank to introduce digital wallet this year for NFC-enabled mobile phones
22/01/2015 Turkish banks get HCE mobile payments option
20/01/2015 SimplyTapp explains the role of token requestors in mobile payments
16/01/2015 'Telepathy'.....Mesh network chat app to the rescue.
15/01/2015 Deloitte: Mobile payment volumes to increase 1000% in 2015
15/01/2015 HDFC Bank to launch digital wallet
14/01/2015 US consumers call for more retailers to accept mobile payments
12/01/2015 SMI, Citi, and Visa revolutionize digital payments
09/01/2015 5 in-store tech solutions to help retailers in 2015
09/01/2015 VivaLnk shows wearable NFC thermometer
08/01/2015 EMVCo to Manage Next Generation of 3D-Secure Specification
08/01/2015 Global NFC Transaction Market 2015-2019 with Broadcom, Infineon Technologies, MasterCard, NXP Semiconductors, PayPal, Softcard & Visa.
07/01/2015 Near Field Communication and the Internet of Things
07/01/2015 Nine Polish banks to launch HCE mobile payments
07/01/2015 Yale introduces residential deadbolt with NFC unlocking
06/01/2015 Danish city installs Bluetooth and WiFi sensors to track shopper behaviour
06/01/2015 Top Ten Misses for NFC in 2014; Project Backers Look to Recover Momentum in 2015
05/01/2015 Discover Global internet of things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication market

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Company news
30/01/2015 NXP sues Marvell over Xbox NFC chips
28/01/2015 Apple Pay Debuting On 200,000 Vending Machines And Kiosks
26/01/2015 Android devices get multifactor biometrics
26/01/2015 Wirecard Has Much to Prove with Prototype HCE Wristband, but ‘Smart Band’ Wearable a Market First
23/01/2015 Clear2Pay explains HCE, tokenization and the role of testing with infographic
22/01/2015 Amazon shuts mobile wallet
22/01/2015 An aide Bemoir startup aims to use NFC to make social media more intimate
20/01/2015 Google in talks to buy Softcard to combat Apple Pay?
19/01/2015 GlobalPlatform, the organization which standardizes the management of applications on secure chip technology, is pleased to announce its newest Observer Member, Masktech.
19/01/2015 New version of UL’s Collis Compliance Test Suites for GlobalPlatform qualified
16/01/2015 Wirecards-smart-band-a-mobile-wallet-you-wear-around-your-wrist
15/01/2015 Fujitsu unveils smart ring with NFC
14/01/2015 Fujitsu unveils smart ring with NFC
14/01/2015 Verifone and Samsung to offer Android mPOS
12/01/2015 HyprKey unveils biometric
12/01/2015 RedCritter launches classroom rewards with NFC
09/01/2015 Audi unlocks car with NFC smartwatch
09/01/2015 BMW offers contactless credit card that can unlock and start hire cars
09/01/2015 Toshiba Launches World's First NFC Built-in SDHC Memory Card
08/01/2015 LoopPay signs up OEMs to embed contactless tech into more products
08/01/2015 Circle adds NFC support to bitcoin app
07/01/2015 COMPRION Joins EMVCo as a Technical Associate
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06/01/2015 Broadcom Grows Connected Car Portfolio With Automotive Near Field Communication Chip

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