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Industry news
24/04/2014 SIMalliance Reports 4.2 Billion Global SIM Shipments in 2013
23/04/2014 GSMA reports on NFC adoption at MWC, SIM trends and HCE
23/04/2014 Join the Leading Conference Showcase
for the NFC in the Americas

23/04/2014 Total Produce pushes fruit and veg with NFC in supermarkets
22/04/2014 GlobalPlatform Launches Transportation White Paper
22/04/2014 Mobile Payment Popularity Growing, Especially on iPads, Other Tablets
22/04/2014 NFC technology enabled mobile wallet launched in Canada
22/04/2014 Secure NFC components reinvigorate mobile payments
18/04/2014 certgate GmbH Becomes Latest European Member of OSPT Alliance
18/04/2014 Jiffy Launches NFC Tags Designed for Time Tracking
17/04/2014 ASB trials phone pay and wave technology
17/04/2014 Use NFC Tags to Unlock Your Computer
17/04/2014 Wi-Fi Alliance now includes NFC tap-to-connect
16/04/2014 Total Produce trials NFC / Beacon “SmartStands”
15/04/2014 GlobalPlatform to Host Trusted Service Manager Seminar in Shanghai
15/04/2014 NFC Forum Publishes Comprehensive Set of Technical Specifications
14/04/2014 Apple's iPhone 6 could have NFC
14/04/2014 Mobile payments to rise 40% this year
11/04/2014 Mobile Payments to Rise 40% This Year, Juniper Research Finds
10/04/2014 Broadcom on NFC adoption and its role in the Indian market
10/04/2014 Carrefour equips new digital hypermarket with NFC
10/04/2014 Kenya - Cost, Distribution Main Challenge in Implementing NFC Payments
10/04/2014 WiFi Alliance adds support for NFC
09/04/2014 China Telecom Chooses NFC SIM Vendors for Large Planned Procurement

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Company news
23/04/2014 FIME Launches Customized EMV Chip Migration
Consulting to U.S. Payments Issuers and Acquirers

22/04/2014 INSIDE Secure rolls out French SESAM-Vitale card solution
18/04/2014 Rogers expands Suretap NFC wallet with support for prepaid and gift cards
18/04/2014 Thales shows off airline seat with NFC
17/04/2014 The $160 Billion Burning a Hole in Apple’s Pocket
14/04/2014 FIME launches NFC validation tool
14/04/2014 Vodafone launches NFC SmartPass in Italy
10/04/2014 Blaze seeks buyer for early NFC patent
09/04/2014 Agilent Technologies and FIME Announce Availability of Mobile Payment Test Systems Based on EMV Contactless Level 1 Specifications
08/04/2014 Aconite adds HCE and EMV token support
08/04/2014 Clear2Pay’s Visa GPR Test Suite receives Visa Confirmation
07/04/2014 Mobispot to offer multifunction NFC wristband platform
07/04/2014 Paramount promotes Noah with NFC
04/04/2014 GlobalPlatform Membership Grows With Global Mobility Solutions Provider Mahindra Comviva
03/04/2014 Santander introduces Gemalto NFC solution to universities
02/04/2014 Intel and Inside Secure agree US$19.2m NFC technology deal
01/04/2014 Banco Santander deploys NFC services on microSD with advanced solution from Gemalto
01/04/2014 Agilent Technologies Announces NFC Forum Approval for Analog Test System
31/03/2014 Australia’s Westpac to Launch First Project with Visa on Samsung Embedded Chips; HCE Gears Up in Market
31/03/2014 Clear Channel to take NFC advertising global
31/03/2014 Kiroco launches NFC jewellery, scoops award
27/03/2014 HID Global Demonstrates Emerging Mobile and Biometric Technologies to Secure Your Identity at ISC West 2014
26/03/2014 Ocho seeks funds for NFC key tray that sends messages to friends and family

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