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Industry news
25/03/2015 Trusted Tag adds proof of presence to IoT apps using NFC
24/03/2015 Introducing a padlock that unlocks with your smartphone’s NFC
24/03/2015 Mobile ID, NFC open up novel apps for smartphones
23/03/2015 Facebook rolls out payments with Messenger app
19/03/2015 Finnish banks add HCE payments to Pivo mobile wallet
18/03/2015 Move over QR codes; NFC will support more seamless boarding
17/03/2015 Finnish banks add HCE payments to Pivo mobile wallet
16/03/2015 All smiles as UK shoppers use contactless to give to charity
16/03/2015 NFC shopping service goes live in Paris supermarket
12/03/2015 Visa prepares to launch HCE services with multiple banks
10/03/2015 Payment by smartphone on the rise
09/03/2015 Is Apple Pay not NFC?
09/03/2015 SpotMe app lets Android users spend Apple Pay cash
06/03/2015 New Pebble could offer NFC strap
05/03/2015 Gemalto, Tapit use NFC platform to simplify mobile payments
05/03/2015 Madrid tests NFC ticketing on public transport
03/03/2015 NFC POS Use Predicted To Grow
25/02/2015 World’s first Bluetooth- and NFC-enabled padlock coming in March
24/02/2015 Berg Insight reports on NFC POS terminal growth
23/02/2015 Mobile app just the ticket for Barcelona fans
23/02/2015 Six in ten US terminals to support EMV chip cards by year end
20/02/2015 SIMalliance Publishes Guidance on Choosing the Right NFC Technology
20/02/2015 Six in ten US terminals to support EMV chip cards by year end
18/02/2015 Making sense of the wireless technology spectrum

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Company news
26/03/2015 Barnes and FIME’s Joint EMV & NFC Personalization Validation Tool Qualified by MasterCard®
26/03/2015 Top tier bank selects MeaWallet and Chip Card for its cloud based mobile payment service
25/03/2015 China Telecom selects Gemalto to deploy mobile NFC transport in China’s two largest cities
24/03/2015 Sony Unveils PumpX, a Portable Bluetooth Speaker With NFC
23/03/2015 PayPal explains why it’s buying mobile wallet provider Paydiant
20/03/2015 Bulgari's new NFC-enabled watch is a luxury safe for your wrist, protects digital data
20/03/2015 Facebook rolls out payments with Messenger app
19/03/2015 JETCO launches mobile NFC services in Hong Kong and Macau
19/03/2015 NXP Launches the World's First NFC-Commissioned Smart Home and Lighting Solution
18/03/2015 Swatch to integrate timepieces with NFC technology, bypass smartwatch concept
18/03/2015 TapTrack Launches Two Day Near Field Communication (NFC) Training Course
17/03/2015 Four in ten US iPhone 6 owners have now used Apple Pay
16/03/2015 FIME and Barnes’ Joint Test Tool Updated to Test HCE and Tokenised Applications
16/03/2015 STMicroelectronics unveils new NFC/RFID tags
16/03/2015 Swatch signs deals for NFC payments in face of looming smartwatch threat
12/03/2015 Apple demonstrates smartwatch keys and payments
12/03/2015 CommBank expands Android NFC payments
12/03/2015 FIME Achieves EMVCo Qualification for its RF Mobile and Contactless Card Test Bench Based on Keysight Technologies’ Contactless
12/03/2015 NXP unveils connected car with NFC and payments
10/03/2015 A landmark year for Thames Card Technology following anniversary of £3.2m investment
10/03/2015 Ingenico Has A Square-Style Dongle That Can Be Used For NFC Tech Like Apple Pay
10/03/2015 MasterCard discusses how Samsung Pay works
09/03/2015 Optus shows off wearable payments
09/03/2015 Visa Europe expands on customised tokenization plans, will go live mid-April

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