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Industry news
27/11/2014 High value contactless payments arrive in the UK
27/11/2014 Online Payments- Money Goes Mobile
26/11/2014 Norwich buses get Bluetooth beacons that deliver offers to passengers on the move
20/11/2014 65% of Canadians plan to make mobile payments
20/11/2014 US mobile payments to reach $142bn in 2019
19/11/2014 inMarket hits 18% of US mobile shoppers
19/11/2014 Polish banks join up for launch of Blik mobile payments service
18/11/2014 Apple Pay Isn't Just for Shopping as Mobile Payment Moves Beyond Retail
18/11/2014 Juniper: 1.6B people will make a mobile transaction in 2014
18/11/2014 Mobile phones call up a cashless future
17/11/2014 Paris restaurant equips waiters with wearables that alert them when orders are ready
14/11/2014 NFC Forum's Paula Hunter to Speak at "Internet of Things Applications USA," Nov. 20
13/11/2014 French banks to pilot HCE payments
13/11/2014 Mobile apps, near-field communications continue to face cyber risk
13/11/2014 The Best Mobile Payment Apps - Dollars and Sense
12/11/2014 Subway Eschews Exclusivity, Supports Multiple Mobile Wallets
12/11/2014 Whole Foods reports 150k Apple Pay transactions
11/11/2014 Consumers to decide which Mobile Payment scheme is better
11/11/2014 Feedback Loop: NFC, 'Evolve' alpha codes and more!
11/11/2014 Experts bat for user-friendly mobile wallet system having NFC, MCX options
10/11/2014 ANZ to launch NFC wallet
10/11/2014 LoyaltyGrid uses NFC tags to let luxury brands reward their customers at the point of sale
10/11/2014 Tapping the potential of smartphones
06/11/2014 60% of consumers will share data with stores

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Company news
27/11/2014 Semble picks Gemalto for NFC in NZ
26/11/2014 Barnes and FIME’s Joint EMV Card Personalization Test Tool Qualified by MasterCard
26/11/2014 MasterCard and Visa to create new security standard to replace passwords for online payments
26/11/2014 UGO Wallet Couples Touchless Payments and Loyalty
25/11/2014 NTT DATA Selects Cryptomathic’s Key Management System
20/11/2014 SunTrust adds Apple Pay
19/11/2014 MICROPROSS and Sony agree to develop a new highly automated solution for NFC-F / FeliCa SWP UICC and CLF testing.
18/11/2014 Keyssa unveils high speed short range ‘kiss’ connectivity technology
17/11/2014 Visa CEO: We may not charge a fee for tokenization
17/11/2014 Softcard picks Muppet mascot for online advertising campaign
14/11/2014 Starbucks claims a 90% share of the US mobile payments market
14/11/2014 Optus launches NFC payments on Android
13/11/2014 Powa raises $80m for US launch
13/11/2014 SimplyTapp raises US$6m to grow HCE
12/11/2014 HID reports on NFC healthcare pilot
12/11/2014 Sainsbury’s tests mobile shopping and payments app
11/11/2014 Mozilla Releases Firefox OS 2.0 With NFC Support
10/11/2014 Is Apple Pay Paving the Path for Google Wallet?
10/11/2014 Visa CEO identifies mobile payment as major growth driver
04/11/2014 Ralph Lauren promotes new line with NFC and QR codes in Harrods windows
31/10/2014 FIME Releases Enhanced EMV Terminal Testing Platform
30/10/2014 Apple and Samsung users unite in “unholy alliance” against Walmart payment platform
30/10/2014 Apple Pay and HCE to Push NFC Payment Users to More Than 500 Million by 2019, Juniper Research Finds
30/10/2014 Ralph Lauren and Harrods enhance luxury shopping experience u.sing NFC

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