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Industry news
24/10/2014 Apple Pay hits first of many expected snags to come
23/10/2014 Canadian construction ripe for tech innovation including NFC
23/10/2014 Driving forward with Tokenization and HCE
23/10/2014 Global Near Field Communication Market to be Worth US$20.01 billion by 2018 - Transparency Market Research
21/10/2014 Over 20m NFC devices now in use in Japan
20/10/2014 Five hundred banks sign up for Apple Pay
20/10/2014 Mobey Day 2014 -The HCE Tap Is Open, Let NFC Services Flow
17/10/2014 Hong Kong carrier SmarTone rolls out Bluetooth marketing platform to retailers
16/10/2014 Apple Pay brings hope to Indian startups working on NFC
15/10/2014 Irelandís Leap Card to get NFC top-ups
15/10/2014 Hailo reports on BLE payments in taxis
15/10/2014 Hong Kong carrier SmarTone rolls out Bluetooth marketing platform to retailers
14/10/2014 Irelandís Leap Card to get NFC top-ups
14/10/2014 Square lets customers make P2P payments via BLE
14/10/2014 Swedish taxi firm runs NFC promo
13/10/2014 CaixaBank rolls out contactless wristbands across Spain
03/10/2014 Mobile Payments & the Battle of 2 Ways to Pay
03/10/2014 Whatís Next for NFC
02/10/2014 NFC Forum Launches NFC Developer Program
02/10/2014 Taiwanese Telco Launches NFC; Implementation Issues with Mifare Limits Handset Models
01/10/2014 Uber runs NFC marketing campaign in London pubs and clubs
30/09/2014 Dartmouth researchers develop continuous authentication service based on smart wristbands
30/09/2014 System Gives Shoppers Info Via NFC
29/09/2014 Australian NFC startup taps US market

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Company news
24/10/2014 Bell ID offers tokenization management software
24/10/2014 YesTap tests NFC shopping wall in Amsterdam
23/10/2014 USA Technologies And On Track Innovations Are Ready For Apple Pay
21/10/2014 Amex commits $10m to EMV upgrades
21/10/2014 Starbucks to offer mobile ordering and payments across US in 2015
20/10/2014 MeaWallet implements tokenization for mobile payments and other mobile wallet services.
20/10/2014 New MasterCard To Combine Biometric Technology With NFC Payments
17/10/2014 Groupe BPCE launches Twitter money transfers
17/10/2014 Tesco tests PowaTag mobile payments
16/10/2014 Samsung Patents: Mobile Anti-Virus, NFC and Wearable Gadgets
16/10/2014 Tesco tests PowaTag mobile payments
16/10/2014 Will Apple Watch Drive Adoption for Payments Wearables?
15/10/2014 Square lets customers make P2P payments via BLE
14/10/2014 ALH rolls out Clipp mobile payments to 300 pubs across Australia
14/10/2014 FIME Expands Distribution in Russia with Pronit
03/10/2014 Samsung Electronics starts NFC payment service in China
03/10/2014 Taiwanese mobile operators select Morpho to build national NFC infrastructure
02/10/2014 HID Global Adds High Frequency NFC Tags for Outdoor Environments
02/10/2014 RapidNFC examines iPhone 6 tag reading issue
01/10/2014 iPad to get Apple Pay support?
01/10/2014 Continental to Offer Wireless Charging, NFC & Antenna Coupling to Smartphones in the Car
01/10/2014 KLM uses Bluetooth beacons to help passengers navigate Schiphol Airport
30/09/2014 eBay to spin off PayPal as a separate company in 2015
30/09/2014 John Lewis invests in BLE

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