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30/09/2014 System Gives Shoppers Info Via NFC
29/09/2014 Australian NFC startup taps US market
29/09/2014 TfL reports rapid adoption of contactless payments on London transport
29/09/2014 London Delivers Open-Loop Fare Collection; Expected to Boost Use of Contactless Cards, NFC Phones
29/09/2014 Miami Airport provides airlines and retailers with open access to Bluetooth beacons
26/09/2014 NFC-Equipped UpLocket Puts a New Twist on Photo-Sharing
26/09/2014 Smartphone payments in NFC system start in 2015 in Azerbaijan
25/09/2014 NFC Forum Publishes Recommendations for Creating Optimal User Experiences during Device Connections
25/09/2014 NFC Forum Adds Analog Testing to Certification Program
19/09/2014 NFC Forum Adds Analog Testing to Certification Program
19/09/2014 NFC has a real opportunity to power this boom
18/09/2014 FIME Ready to Support Additional NFC Demand
18/09/2014 Panasonic puts NFC in the aircraft cabin
18/09/2014 Subway's Support of Softcard, Apple Pay a Big Boost for NFC Wallets
17/09/2014 SA banks trial NFC
17/09/2014 SIMalliance to Host NFC-Security Themed Workshop to Help Banks and Secure NFC Service Providers Make the Right Deployment Choices
15/09/2014 Apple a decade behind Japan mobile payment curve
15/09/2014 Rumor Claims Apple Placing NFC Sensors in Disney Stores Ahead of iPhone 6 Launch
15/09/2014 For the Few Who Do Use Mobile Payments, They Like NFC
15/09/2014 NFC Mobile Devices Grow in Popularity
12/09/2014 Apple NFC service offers a big bite for businesses
12/09/2014 Why restaurants should embrace mobile payment with iPhone 6 and PassBook
11/09/2014 iPhone, NFC and Apple Pay: How should banks react?
10/09/2014 iPhone 6 & iWatch To Use NFC & Tokenisation Technologies For Payment initiative; Aussie Man Has ‘Mark Of The Beast’ Microchip Implant In Left Hand Ahead Of Device Roll Out

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Company news
26/09/2014 China Mobile picks Gemalto for NFC ticketing in Beijing
26/09/2014 FIME First Japanese Operation Accredited as MasterCard Test Laboratory for Mobile Handsets
25/09/2014 AMS Intros Development Kit for NFC
25/09/2014 Identiv Wins Security Products 2014 Product of the Year Award for Near Field Communication Devices
25/09/2014 Panasonic embraces NFC to help personalise in-flight experience
19/09/2014 Panasonic takes NFC to the air
19/09/2014 Apple joins NFC secure element standards body
17/09/2014 Can Apple help drag banking into the modern age?
17/09/2014 Vodacom trialling tap and pay
12/09/2014 NFC-supported Apple Pay to work with China UnionPay
11/09/2014 Apple Announces Bold Move into Mobile Payments Using NFC Technology
11/09/2014 MasterCard issues European contactless POS mandate
11/09/2014 MasterCard launches MDES token platform for mobile payments
10/09/2014 Disney Doubles Down On NFC
09/09/2014 23 Apple patents related to NFC and mobile payments
09/09/2014 Twitter adds Buy button
09/09/2014 Your Preview of Apple’s NFC Launch: Yes to SE, No to HCE, Tag Reading Unlikely
08/09/2014 Apple to use tokenization technology along with NFC for mobile payments
04/09/2014 McDonald’s to launch NFC payments in the US this month?
04/09/2014 Toshiba makes play to replace NFC with own speedy short range tech
03/09/2014 Downtown uses Bluetooth beacons to deliver orders to customers’ tables
03/09/2014 JD Sports adds BLE beacons
02/09/2014 Gemalto Reports Lackluster First Half Though Notes Strong TSM Revenue Growth
02/09/2014 Visa adds Checkout partners

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